Scales of Intimacy

Intimacy can go beyond desire. It doesn't have a common essence that binds every example of it together. It's elusive. It can be ambiguous. There is a subtlety of interaction. It can be short lived. It can live in the spaces that happen in the everyday - the smallest scale of daily life.

In Scales of Intimacy we  want to try and capture the beguiling power of an intimate connection. And because we think intimacy exists between people rather than within people, we want to capture the dynamic and relational aspects of intimacy.

Overleaf you will find 16 figures. We would like you to sift through them and select the ones that you like. But not as individual figures,  we would like you to move the figures in to a relationship with one another and capture for us a moment of intimacy. This may be with two people, or three, or you may choose several pairs. You can move them around, flip them, part them, link them, but choose a scale of intimacy that feels meaningful to you.